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Analysis, Design and Modeling

1. Atlas.ti Commercial

Publisher:ATLAS.ti Type:Tools

All types of commercial use, including training, non-academic research, consulting, and administration.

2. Atlas.ti Educational

Publisher:ATLAS.ti Type:Tools

Officially accredited educational institutions and their official members may obtain discounted educational licenses for exclusive use in academic teaching and research.

3. Atlas.ti Government/Non-Commercial

Publisher:ATLAS.ti Type:Tools

Government / non-commercial licenses can be obtained by registered non-profit organizations, NGOS, national or local government institutions, supra-national organizations, and their official employees.

4. Atlas.ti Student

Publisher:ATLAS.ti Type:Tools

ATLAS.ti student licenses are available at a very significant discount to full-time students after submitting proof of currrent enrollment in an accredited degree program.

5. Axure RP

Publisher:Axure Software Solutions Type:Tools

Use Axure RP to build simple wireframes or rich prototypes with conditional logic, dynamic content, and calculations... without coding. Once you get the hang of it, they'll be amazed how much you can do and how fast.

6. MG-SOFT Visual MIB Builder

Publisher:MG Soft Corporation Type:Application

MG-SOFT Visual MIB Builder is an application for designing and editing MIB module definition files in a visual manner. Visual MIB Builder provides an easy to use drag-and-drop user interface that lets you design a MIB definition file within minutes, no matter if you plan to create SMIv1 or SMIv2 MIB, whether the MIB contains tables or not, etc. The software implements the New MIB Module Wizard, a user-friendly tool that guides you through the process of designing the basic structure of a new MIB module.

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