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Anchoring the flotilla in these exciting years of blossoming is not an easy task. We have top-notch pros, who can rally their teams around our stated goals. Take a look.

John Varghese

More than 25 years of working experience in a verity of positions in Information Technology and Electronics industries. After a long stint in OEN India Ltd, a leading player in Computer terminals, Connectors and Electro-Magnetic Relays world wide, He established a successful engineering consulting business, Gregory Electrotech. In 1992, He started Select Systems & Softwares to address the opportunities thrown open by the Information Revolution. A practicing engineering consultant with higher degrees in Industrial Engineering and Business Processes, he brings in huge experience in a verity of domains.

Dr.Dominic Pullen

The Scholarly Doctor is the inspiration and role model for our young and talented bunch of workaholics. A Ph.D. in Computer Science from IISc, Bangalore, His is the last word in all our technology decisions.

He is committed to open ended and continuous upgradation of technology and processes. He is the steadying influence in our voyage.