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Professional toolkit that covers all authoring needs: create mobile-ready content with rich media components, smart quizzes, characters and interactions.
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iSpring Suite 9, Single License 1 Year Subscription   770.00 AddtoCart
iSpring Suite 9, 2 User Pack 1 Year Subscription   1540.00 AddtoCart
iSpring Suite 9, 3 User Pack 1 Year Subscription   1950.00 AddtoCart
iSpring Suite 9, 4 User Pack 1 Year Subscription   2618.00 AddtoCart
iSpring Suite 9, 5 User Pack 1 Year Subscription   3100.00 AddtoCart
iSpring Suite 9, 10 User Pack 1 Year Subscription   3696.00 AddtoCart

Rapid development of PowerPoint-based courses
Turn your PowerPoint slides into professional training courses with tests, video narrations, screencasts, interactive elements, and much more.

Maximize the capabilities of PowerPoint
You can use a presentation of any complexity as a basis for an e-course. iSpring Suite carefully preserves all effects after converting your PowerPoint into a Flash or HTML5 course, including transitions, complex animations, and triggers.

Adaptive Design
With iSpring Suite, you do not need to create multiple versions of the course for different devices. Thanks to the adaptive player, all the navigational elements of the course are automatically adjusted to the size and orientation of the device’s screen. All your training materials will comfortably display on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Insert audio and video narrations
Share your knowledge of the course material with audio and/or video narrations, which you can perfectly synchronize with your slides.

Record audio narrations

Simply import an audio file or record a voice narration from a microphone directly into iSpring Suite and synchronize the audio with your slides and even animations.

Add video narrations

To add video narrations, you can import your pre-recorded lectures, reports or presentations, or just record a video right from your webcam with the built-in recording tool.

A complete set of functions for fast screen recording

The built-in iSpring Cam includes a complete set of functions for screen recording, such as audio recording, cursor highlighting, mouse click sound effects, and hotkeys for easy management of the recording process.

Screencast export options

Export your screencast immediately to the desired location: save it as an MP4 video on your hard drive, insert it on a PowerPoint slide, or upload it to YouTube in just one click.

Train communication skills using simulated dialogs

Put your course takers in realistic working situations to help them practice their communication skills with clients and associates.

Build a dialog scenario

TalkMaster’s intuitive user interface lets you create various scenes and add links between them, building a branched conversation scenario.

Add stunning interactions
Discover new ways to make your courses exciting and unusual – present learning materials in the form of engaging interactions: Book, Timeline, Directory or FAQ.


Provide information in the form of an e-book with page turning effects. Simply place the text of your lecture in the book, then add images and characters.

Enhance your course with rich media

Add a variety of media files to your course from your computer, or that you’ve found on the Internet. They will help you better describe the topic of the course and make learning incredibly fascinating.

Insert videos from the Internet

Complement your course with interesting videos from YouTube or Vimeo. iSpring Suite allows you to add a video from the Internet directly onto a slide of your course in just a couple of clicks.